Hi, I am

Mario Bijelic

I am a physicist.



Oct 2016 – Current

PhD Student

Daimler AG and University of Ulm

Since October 2016 working as a PhD Student within the public funded project DENSE, which is an abbreviation for aDverse wEather eNvironmental Sensing systEm.

The work is realized in joint cooperation with my doctoral adviser Prof. Klaus Dietmayer at the University of Ulm within the ”Pattern Recognition and Cameras” team at Daimler’s research institute in Ulm. The main goal is to use advanced deep learning techniques to create robust and noise sensitive deep neuronal networks.
DENSE is not just software based but it also introduces new automotive sensors in the short wave infrared region to the market. It is expected that lightabove 1400nm has the advantage to penetrate adverse weather conditions better and to enable higher intensities while keeping eye safety due to longer wavelengths.
Therefore additional to the main tasks sensor integration to a new test vehicle and data acquisition during adverse weather conditions with established and new sensors has to be done.

March 2013 – Oct 2016

Teaching Assistant

Goethe University, Frankfurt

Teaching Assistant for various lectures covering theoretical electrodynamics, theoretical quantum physics, optics and medical physics.


Student internship

Hessian Parliament, Wiesbaden

Getting insights and experiences during a month long student internship at Hessian’s federal state parliament.


2014 – 2016

Master of Science in Physics (120CP + 20CP)

Goethe University, Frankfurt

Thesis: Application of Mean Field and Variational Monte Carlo Methods to charge structures in hexagonal lattices.
A novel insight within the Hubbard model was given. Using two state of the art methods it was shown that the second nearest neighbour Coulomb Repulsion is not able to create quantum Spin Hall States. Furthermore the emergence of interesting complex charge ordered phases was proven.

Minor: Mathematics 20CP additional to main studies
Passed with distinction: 1.0

2014 – 2015

Master of Science in Physics

Göteborgs University, Sweden

Exchange semester at the University of Gothenburg with focus on Neural Networks, Quantum Informatics and Fuel Cells.

2011 – 2014

Bachelor of Science in Physics (180CP + 60CP)

Goethe University, Frankfurt

Thesis: Density Functional Theory applied to charge transport in solar cells.

The electronic structure was calculated for Si, ZnO and GaAs by applying the Density Functional Theory. Based on these results Optical Properties for Reflectance and Absorption were calculated. Those results were used to solve the Boltzmann Transport Equations for charge transport and to calculate for each type the theoretically maximum possible solar cell efficiency.

Minor: Economics 60CP additional to main studies



Max Beckmann Schule, Frankfurt

General qualification for University entrance

Additionally participated and succeeded at Jugend Forscht (a nation wide competition across Germany for young researchers with self imposed topics).
The research project was to implement organic solar cells without the use of clean room techniques. Efficiencies up to 10% for short periods of time were achieved by reversing the effect of OLED’s.

Major: Mathematics and Physics

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Communication is one of the most important skills to convey information. Therefore Open-mindedness, Tolerance and Respect for diverse point of views are indispensable for me.



Code developing requires best coding practice. Most computer programs remain in use far longer than the initial developer would expect. For me therefore a good documentation and a generic, framework independent coding style is important.



Good Management skills in total require strong Priorization, Organization, Commercial awareness and Time Management skills. Those Techniques are often learned through experience, workshops, seminars and the motivation for self improvement, which has been essential to pass my studies successfully.



Solving even the unforeseeable and most difficult Problems requires Endurance, self Motivation as well as creative and analytical Thinking. On the one hand loving the work performed and the relieving feeling after resolving a huge Task helps to gain such Skills. Tasks which I have been confronted often due to my studies in physics.

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18 Countries Visited

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Welcome at my project page.
It is currently under construction but feel free to take a look at my last projects.

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Benchmarking Image Sensors Under Adverse Weather Conditions for Autonomous Driving

Publication about my MS-thesis in physics

Suppression of topological Mott-Hubbard phases by multiple charge orders in the honeycomb extended Hubbard model


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