Lidar sensor testing in adverse weather.

A Benchmark for Lidar Sensors in Fog: Is Detection Breaking Down?

written by: Mario Bijelic¹, Tobias Gruber¹ and Werner Ritter

¹Mario Bijelic and Tobias Gruber have contributed equally to the work.

Autonomous driving at level five does not only means self-driving in the sunshine. Adverse weather is especially critical because fog, rain, and snow degrade the perception of the environment. In this work, current state of the art light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors are tested in controlled conditions in a fog chamber. We present current problems and disturbance patterns for four different state of the art lidar systems. Moreover, we investigate how tuning internal parameters can improve their performance in bad weather situations.

The paper was published @ The 2018 29th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
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